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🎄Ashoka the Medicinal Plant🎄

BOTANICAL NAME :-- Saraca indica Linn.

Famous Name :-- Hempushpa, Tamra pallav.

Available place :-- Entire India.

Hight of tree:-- The hight of  Ashok  is generally  25 to 30 feets with leafy branches.A sadabahari  plant is called as Ashok.Analytically we may say  to this plant in  Hindi अ+शोक without sorrow. In Ramcharitmanas an epic composed by Goswami Tulsi Das used Ashok Vatika,where Sita mata stayed  in.This plant is made for  woman.      Its every      part.   s  useful  to women  internally and  externally.Other Categories :-- This plant is seen  in.thegardens  for beauty. Such plants as SitaAshok,Pendular Ashok etc are found in all over  India.
Plantation Method:-- In.   the.   month.    of------------------------------  September the seed would be dropped into hot water. Thereafter these wouldbe sown in depth of
 2 to 3 inches the trilling will be provable 30
to   40 days by the seeds. Meanwhile.  water
would be provided timely.

Affordable Part :-- Before…